Water sector reform

The mystery of what’s next for Jackson’s water system, Mississippi Today 11/8/2022.

America’s hidden disaster of dirty tap water is all around us in our small towns and rural areas, Fortune 11/4/2022.

The Future of Water Infrastructure in the U.S. and Texas, txH2O, Winter 2022.

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Partnerships can offer safe, affordable water for Indiana communities, Op-Ed by Vicki Perry & Matthew Prine, Indianapolis Star, 8/2/2020

As Iowa Caucuses Approach, Where do Democratic Candidates Stand on Water? Circle of Blue 1/30/20.  

Warren has a Plan for Your Drinking Water--but it's Risky, Op-Ed by Seth Siegel, Wall Street Journal, 1/2/20.

The Water Safety Conundrum, Route Fifty, 12/30/19.

We get our water from more than 600 systems. That's got to change, official says, Newark Star-Ledger, 9/30/2019.

Public Trust

Philly's tap water has a trust problem. Did the recent contamination scare make it worse? WHYY 5/8/2023.

Tap water failures and distrust of government, Circle of Blue 10/3/2022.

Bottled water as a social lens, Inside Climate News 8/27/2022.

Bottled water is a way of life: One neighborhood's struggle with trusting their taps, The Clarion-Ledger, 12/12/2021.

'A profound betrayal of trust': Why Jackson's water system is broken, Mississippi Today 3/24/2021.


EPA to limit harmful 'forever chemicals' in drinking water, PBS NewsHour (AP) 3/14/2023.

How Jackson’s water system made it a focus in America’s infrastructure crisis, Jackson Advocate 12/17/2021.

Private Water Utilities Stand by Record of Providing Infrastructure Solutions, NJ Spotlight, 12/3/2019.

Lead Pipes That Tainted Newark's Water Are Found Across Us, New York Times 9/13/2019.

Legislators note slow progress on state’s water quality management law, NJTV News, 9/2019.

NJ's Water System Accountability Law a Model - If It's Followed, NJ101.5, 9/15/2019.

Here are the Places that Struggle to Meet the Rules on Drinking Water, New York Times 2/12/18.

Millions consumed potentially unsafe water in the past 10 years, Texas Tribune 8/16/17.

63 million Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water, USA Today 8/14/17.

Why It's So Disturbingly Common for Water Regulation to Fail, CityLab 2/12/16.

Government agencies are more likely to pollute — and less likely to be punished, The Week 10/26/16.

Government agencies less likely than private firms to comply with environmental regulations, Science Daily 10/13/15.

The Privatization of Public Utilities Has One Major Upside, CityLab 7/17/15.


What Cleveland Can Learn From San Antonio, Which Prioritizes Helping Low-Income Residents With Their Water Bills, Cleveland Scene 5/3/2022.

What Can Philadelphia Learn From Cleveland’s Water Department? Cleveland Scene 5/3/2022.

What Can Cleveland Learn From Philadelphia’s Ambitious Experiment in Water Billing? Cleveland Scene 5/3/2022.

Relief for Northeast Ohio renters' sewer bills is here, but will they take advantage of it? Instream Public Media (WVIZ/WCPN/WCLV) 1/21/22.

Federal aid arrives for low-income Cuyahoga County residents' water and sewer bills, Instream Public Media (WVIZ/WCPN/WCLV) 1/21/22.

Rising Cost of Water in Michigan Leads to Affordability Problems, Circle of Blue 12/2/2021.

Millions of Americans Struggle to Pay their Water Bills-Here's how a national water aid program could work, The Conversation 11/29/2021.

Households Still Have Not Received Aid from New Federal Water Bill Assistance Program, Circle of Blue 11/10/2021.

Drowning in Debt, WBEZ Chicago 11/8/2021.

Lack of Utility Data Obscures Customer Water Debt Problems, Circle of Blue 10/12/2020.

Nine Things To Know About Household Water Debt, Circle of Blue 8/6/2020.

Millions of Americans are in Water Debt, Circle of Blue 8/4/2020.

In an Era of Rising Costs, Can Colorado Keep its Water Affordable? Water Education Colorado, 3/23/2020.

New water rates would soak NU and high-rises, Evanston Now 7/13/2019.

Chicago's Water Prices Are Skyrocketing Faster Than Other Great Lakes Cities, WBEZ (NPR Chicago) 2/14/2019.

So Close, Yet So Costly: In cities on the Great Lakes, water pipes are crumbling and poor people are paying the price, American Public Media 2/7/2019.

Why Your Water Bill Is Rising Much Faster Than Inflation, Wall Street Journal 3/15/2018.

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Panel Recommends Changes to Two-Decade-Old EPA Water Affordability Guidelines, Circle of Blue 11/28/2017.

When It Comes To Water Service How Expensive Is Too Expensive?Circle of Blue 8/24/2017.

Environmental Justice

Water problems in Jackson, MS go deeper than pipes, experts say, ABC News 9/21/2022.

Thousands without water, lawsuit filed, but Mississippi governor thinks crisis is a laughing matter, The Daily Kos, 9/19/2022.

Water System Woes put Jackson, Mississippi Under National Spotlight, The Clarion-Ledger 12/5/2021.

Flooding, Pollution, Sprawl and Fragmented Governance — Northeast Ohio’s Water Systems Are Death by a Thousand Drops for Its Poorest Residents, Cleveland Scene 8/28/2020.

In the U.S., black, brown and poor people suffer the most from environmental contamination, Washington Post’s Monkeycage 9/18/2019.

Who owns America's water? Al Jazeera 6/9/2018.

How racism contributed to Charleston Park's drinking water problems, Fort Myers News-Press 12/31/2017.

Crumbling pipes, tainted water plague black communities, Center for Public Integrity 8/21/2017.

Navajo Nation to improve sewage treatment after violations, Native Times 12/16/2016.

Inspections show Navajo utility had years of violations, Arizona Daily Sun 12/9/2016:

Study Highlights Systemically Poor Federal Oversight Of Tribal Utilities, Water Online 11/17/2016.

Water utilities on tribal land need better enforcement, study says, Consumer Affairs 11/9/2016.

Drinking water in Indian Country: More violations, less EPA, Environmental Health News 11/6/2016.


Is your neighbor wasting water? Snitching on them may ease California drought, study says, Sacramento Bee 7/9/2021.

Study: Spying on neighbors can reduce water waste, KNX1070 7/9/2021.

Water Management

Water woes loom for Michigan suburbs, towns after decades of disinvestment, Bridge Michigan 3/22/22

Troubled waters: How a $90M settlement did not fix Jackson's dysfunctional water billing, The Clarion-Ledger 8/1/2021.

What San Antonio’s Top Utility Officials Make, and What It Says About Energy and Water, Rivard Report 8/4/2019.

Investing in H2O: Water utilities balance financial, social, political challenges, Texas Water Resources Institute, Summer 2019.

Film / TV / Radio / Podcasts

Manny Teodoro, Ph.D., lead author of The Profits of Distrust: Citizen-Consumers, Drinking Water, and the Crisis of Confidence in American Government. PRX-Food Sleuth Radio, 10/6/2022.

‘Crisis of Confidence’: Poor quality drinking water leads to distrust in government, Wisconsin Public Radio-The Morning Show, 9/28/2022.

Jackson, Mississippi Finally has Clean Water in their Pipes after 7 Weeks, MSNBC The Cross Connection, 9/17/2022.

The Surprising Politics Behind Tap Water vs. Bottled Water, WORT Radio, A Public Affair, 9/9/2022.

Fresh Water, Old Problems, The Water We Swim In podcast, 5/11/2022.

Good Day, AWWA! video, 5/4/2022.

And Water for All, documentary film, 3/27/2022.

The social impact of water, Water in Real Life podcast 9/9/2021.

The governor has asked all of us to cut back on our water usage because of the drought. But will anyone really listen? Actually, they might if you snitch on them. KNX Newsradio Los Angeles In Depth, 7/9/2021.

Water We Talking About podcast, 5/15/21

Bottled Water and Trust in Our Institutions, Radio Health Journal 5/2/2021

Environmental Policy, Water & Public Utilities, 1050 Bascom podcast 3/10/2021

Water Affordability in Texas and Beyond, The Gulf Between podcast 3/10/2021

Professor Urges Incoming Biden Administration to Make Water Policy a Priority, KJZZ Phoenix (NPR Affiliate), 11/12/2020

The Value of Water in Real Life with Dr. Manny Teodor‪o, Water in Real Life podcast 5/5/2020

Water Governance with Manny Teodoro, The Water Values podcast 6/18/2019

Manny Teodoro on Affordability of Rates, Words on Water podcast 8/20/2018

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