Notes on the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Part II*The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act is 1,039 pages long. That’s a lot of tea.The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA, better known as the Bipartisan

​School leadership as a gendered professionPDK: Phi Delta KappanRobert Maranto, Kristen Carroll, Albert Cheng, and Manuel P. Teodoro​Even though the teaching profession is dominated by women, men hold more superintendent positions. The authors examine

Men’s and Women’s Career Advancement in Public AdministrationARPA: The American Review of Public AdministrationRobert Maranto, Manuel P. Teodoro, Kristen Carroll, and Albert ChengMy kids. Clinton, NY. 2009We explore the relationships between gender, career ambition,

This is the fourth in my series of posts on the recently released White House infrastructure plan.Release of the White House infrastructure plan triggered a flurry of news about the nation’s ports, dams, water

What Can Sabermetrics Tell Us about Presidential Success?PS: Political Science & PoliticsManuel P. Teodoro  & Jon R. BondWhy Ronald Reagan is like Bobby Cox and Lyndon Johnson is like Joe TorrePresidential scholars and baseball writers

​Bureaucratic independence in developing countries​​Journal of Public PolicyManuel P. Teodoro & M. Anne Pitcher​​​​This study investigates the effects of formal bureaucratic independence under varying democratic conditions. Conventional accounts predict that greater formal independence of

A Resource Endowment Theory of Human Capital and Agency PerformancePAR: Public Administration ReviewManuel P. Teodoro & David SwitzerThis article advances a resource endowment theory of human capital and performance in government organizations. Building on

Water Research FoundationManuel Teodoro & Linda ReekieThis study developed a summary of the drinking water community executive ranks, including their demographics, educational qualifications, professional backgrounds, skills, career paths, and personalities. This information reveals who

​Executive job formation and political behaviourJournal of Public PolicyManuel P. Teodoro​Public agency executive jobs are temporary matches of individual bureaucrats with government employers. Together, the buyers and sellers of executive labour form jobs in

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011 Careers, Motives, and the Innovative Administrator Teodoro explains the systems that foster or frustrate entrepreneurship among public executives. Through case studies and quantitative analysis of original data, he shows

​AJPS: American Journal of Political ScienceManuel P. Teodoro​In studies of innovation, policy entrepreneurs recognize latent demand for new policies and then expend resources to promote them. But studies of policy entrepreneurs have generally focused