Cambridge University Press, 2022The choices people make about drinking water reveal deeper lessons about trust in government and civic life.The burgeoning bottled water industry presents a paradox: Why do people choose expensive, environmentally destructive

Chapter 7 - The Bureaucracy: Policy Implementation and ReformCambridge University PressM. Anne Pitcher & Manuel P. Teodoro​New bureaucratic agencies – most commonly central banks, privatisation agencies and regulatory commissions – multiplied across Africa following

​Chapter 22 - Financial Capability and AffordabilityCRC PressMANUEL P. TEODORO & JON P. DAVISA Strategy Guide for Water Utility Managers and Executives, and a Compendium of Best Financial Practices for Utility Financial Leaders, a

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011 Careers, Motives, and the Innovative Administrator Teodoro explains the systems that foster or frustrate entrepreneurship among public executives. Through case studies and quantitative analysis of original data, he shows