AWWA Water ScienceManuel P. Teodoro​The ability of low-income families to pay for basic water and sewer services is a subject of increasing concern. Large-scale assessments of affordability across large numbers of American utilities are

​AWWA Water ScienceManuel P. Teodoro and Robin Rose Saywitz​This study uses contemporary metrics and data from an original, representative sample of water and sewer utilities in the United States to calculate the affordability of

​A conversation with Sabina Shaikh, University of Chicago​The burgeoning bottled water industry presents a paradox: Why do people choose expensive, environmentally destructive bottled water, rather than cheaper, sustainable, and more rigorously regulated tap water?

A thought experiment and back-of-envelope illustrationWater/sewer utility customer assistance programs (CAPs) don’t run themselves. When utilities use rate revenue to pay for CAPs, administrative costs can quickly eat into benefits that such programs can

Cambridge University Press, 2022The choices people make about drinking water reveal deeper lessons about trust in government and civic life.The burgeoning bottled water industry presents a paradox: Why do people choose expensive, environmentally destructive

AWWA Water Science, March 2022This study uses an embedded survey experiment to evaluate the effects of issue framing on willingness to pay water and sewer rate increases. Government-owned utilities require public support for financial

Ramiro Berardo, Director...And Water For All is an educational documentary about water affordability in Ohio. The film aims to amplify the voices of those who work toward providing clean, affordable water for all. Even

Sovereignty, primacy & environmental protectionPolicy Studies Journal, May 2020​Mellie Haider, Manuel P. TeodoroThe landmark American environmental laws of the 1970s originally made no mention of American Indian tribal lands, and subsequent research on environmental

​Contextual correlates and conservation outcomes​​Water Resources Research Y. Zhang, M.P. Teodoro & D. Switzer​​​Key PointsParticipatory surveillance is a way for governments to increase water waste monitoring capacity and achieve conservation goalsSocial and institutional aspects

Private Implementation of Public PolicyPSJ: Policy Studies JournalManuel P. Teodoro, Youlang Zhang, David Switzer​Where policy goals can be achieved through regulation of private firms, private provision of public services allows governments to separate public

​School leadership as a gendered professionPDK: Phi Delta KappanRobert Maranto, Kristen Carroll, Albert Cheng, and Manuel P. Teodoro​Even though the teaching profession is dominated by women, men hold more superintendent positions. The authors examine

Men’s and Women’s Career Advancement in Public AdministrationARPA: The American Review of Public AdministrationRobert Maranto, Manuel P. Teodoro, Kristen Carroll, and Albert ChengMy kids. Clinton, NY. 2009We explore the relationships between gender, career ambition,

A Model and Experimental EvaluationJPART: Journal of Public Administration and TheoryManuel P. Teodoro & Seung-Ho AnGovernment agencies carry reputations in the public imagination. Agency names, images, and icons help form a brand that conveys

Chapter 7 - The Bureaucracy: Policy Implementation and ReformCambridge University PressM. Anne Pitcher & Manuel P. Teodoro​New bureaucratic agencies – most commonly central banks, privatisation agencies and regulatory commissions – multiplied across Africa following

Social Science QuarterlyDavid Switzer & Manuel P. Teodoro See Full Article ObjectivePast research yields inconsistent evidence of disparities in environmental quality by socioeconomic status (SES), race, and/or ethnicity. Since the political significance of race/ethnicity

Trust, Neglect, and JusticePSJ: Policy Studies JournalManuel P. Teodoro, Mellie Haider, David Switzer​This study investigates the implementation of U.S. environmental protection laws under American Indian tribal governance. The landmark laws of the 1970s that

Studying entitlements and capabilities, socio-cultural dynamics, and political processes, institutions and governanceWater SecurityAmber Wutich, Jessica Buddz, Laura Eichelberger, Jo Geere, Leila Harris, Wendy Jepson, Emma Norman, Kathleen O’Reilly, Amber Pearson, Sameer Shah, K. Simpson,

What Can Sabermetrics Tell Us about Presidential Success?PS: Political Science & PoliticsManuel P. Teodoro  & Jon R. BondWhy Ronald Reagan is like Bobby Cox and Lyndon Johnson is like Joe TorrePresidential scholars and baseball writers

​Bureaucratic independence in developing countries​​Journal of Public PolicyManuel P. Teodoro & M. Anne Pitcher​​​​This study investigates the effects of formal bureaucratic independence under varying democratic conditions. Conventional accounts predict that greater formal independence of

A Resource Endowment Theory of Human Capital and Agency PerformancePAR: Public Administration ReviewManuel P. Teodoro & David SwitzerThis article advances a resource endowment theory of human capital and performance in government organizations. Building on

​Chapter 22 - Financial Capability and AffordabilityCRC PressMANUEL P. TEODORO & JON P. DAVISA Strategy Guide for Water Utility Managers and Executives, and a Compendium of Best Financial Practices for Utility Financial Leaders, a

Water Research FoundationManuel Teodoro & Linda ReekieThis study developed a summary of the drinking water community executive ranks, including their demographics, educational qualifications, professional backgrounds, skills, career paths, and personalities. This information reveals who

​Executive job formation and political behaviourJournal of Public PolicyManuel P. Teodoro​Public agency executive jobs are temporary matches of individual bureaucrats with government employers. Together, the buyers and sellers of executive labour form jobs in

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011 Careers, Motives, and the Innovative Administrator Teodoro explains the systems that foster or frustrate entrepreneurship among public executives. Through case studies and quantitative analysis of original data, he shows

Journal AWWAManuel P. Teodoro​This article analyzes the influence of local governmental structures on the likelihood that utilities adopt one of two water conservation policies: conservation rates and landscape audits. Statistical analysis tests the effects

​AJPS: American Journal of Political ScienceManuel P. Teodoro​In studies of innovation, policy entrepreneurs recognize latent demand for new policies and then expend resources to promote them. But studies of policy entrepreneurs have generally focused

Assessing the Equity of Municipal Water RatesJournal AWWAManuel P. Teodoro​Meaningful, scientific measures of water rate equity are elusive. Without a sound metric for equity, discussions of fairness in water rates are prone to political