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Environmental Justice

About Manny Teodoro

I'm a professor at the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Governance and management fascinate me. Water and environmental justice animate me. Students and colleagues inspire me. The cat on my shoulder annoys me.

The Wisconsin Idea is a mission statement for my professional life. More details...

Talks & Lectures

The Profits of Distrust: Confidence in American Institutions & the Rise of Bottle Water

Water Resources Science Lecture
University of Minnesota
The Water Infrastructure Crisis in the US & Roadmap for Reform
Metcalf Institute
University of Rhode Island
The Political Pitfalls of Public-Private Water System Finance Partnerships
Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy
Ford School, University of Michigan

Manny Saves America

Citations are the lifeblood of my profession.
Please use my work - and reference it when you do.