POLS 207  | POLS 316  |  POLS 646  |  POLS 642

I teach courses in political science at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

POLS 207 State & Local Government
POLS 207 is a survey of American local and state government, with an emphasis on the politics and government of Texas. POLS 207 is offered by several professors at Texas A&M each term; my version  takes a rigorously theoretical approach to the topic, with emphasis on empirical inference and the roles of state and especially local government in American political life.

POLS 316 Urban Politics
This course examines politics at the community level in the United States, with attention to urban and metropolitan political systems. We learn about institutions of local government and their relationships with other levels of government, as well as the political economy of urban America. We explore the roots and extensions of power in American cities, and the roles of race and class in the politics of the metropolis.

POLS 646 Public Policy Analysis & Theory
POLS 646 is a graduate seminar offered as part of the Public Administration/Public Policy PhD sequence. The course introduces major theories that seek to explain policy formation and impact.

POLS 642 U.S. Environmental Politics & Policy
This graduate seminar is a broad, theoretically-driven introduction to the politics of environmental protection and conservation in the United States. The course introduces basic frameworks for understanding environmental policy problems, and then examines major theories of politics and public management in the environmental policy arena.