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Fashionably late

After many years of toying with the idea, I’ve finally decided to start blogging. Admittedly, I’m very 2000-and-late with this. But more and more I’ve found myself with ideas or findings that aren’t quite right for peer-reviewed academic outlets, but require development beyond the 140- or 280-word confines of Twitter. My hope here is to add value to discussions of topics that touch on my areas of expertise in politics, policy, and public administration.

I’m not going to get into electoral or ideological matters. I’m not a very ideological guy (registered independent and regular split-ticket voter; my ideas don’t map well onto the left-right spectrum), and anyway the world hardly needs more ideological hot takes. There are already plenty of public intellectuals opining on matters beyond their expertise. I’m only going to wade into waters that I know fairly well.

Scholars help the world best when they provide light, not heat, to public affairs.